lunes, noviembre 20, 2006

Try to find Mariovsky / Intenta encontrar a Mariovsky

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víkingur dijo...

this is great!!! hope you are well my friend. we need to have a beer soon. a beer is a beer :)

berglind dijo...

Ahhh you are just amazing, I think I might just clone you just in case you try to escape to Spain again! ;)
Ahhh me encantas, estoy pensando en clonarte solo por si intentas escaparte a España!!

Mariovsky dijo...

Yeppp, five beers are five beers.

Mariovsky dijo...

Berglind don't worry if I go to Spain I'll send a Jamón to you... and veeeeeeeeery much alcohol.
Berglind no te preocupes, si me voy a España te mandaré un Jamón... y muuuuuucho alcohol.

Þórhildur dijo...

Hi mario this videos are wonderful! I hope you don´t dissapear in snow, because i would like to meet you and your girlfriend, whats her name again, soon!

Mariovsky dijo...

Takk Þórhildur.
I don't know exactly her name because she is icelandic... more or less she is called Berglindur or something. ;-)
I hope we can meet soon. A gintonic is a gintonic.